Roberto Zucco

Bernard-Marie Koltès’ extraordinary and difficult final play staged in a small theatre with a large choir and not enough actors.

“Director Mathilde López’s production fails to recognise a storyline complex enough in itself and with so much dramatic impact that over gilding the lily is superfluous
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‘Explosive and uncompromising, Roberto Zucco shocks, excites, tickles and disturbs. The gusto never dips and the mood never dampens. Kill for a ticket. Sit in the front row. Leave your inhibitions at home.’
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Roberto Zucco by Bernard-Marie Koltès

July 014 Chapter, Cardiff

Director Mathilde López

Cast Adam Redmore, Bethan Mai, Joanna Simpkins, John Norton

Assistant Director Jess Smith, Designer Buddug James Jones, Lighting Designer Katy Morison, Sound Designer Gareth Evans, Assistant Designer Cory Shipp, Production Manager Tom Reilly, Assistant Production Manager Lewis Gwyther, Producer Sarah Jane Leigh, Production Sound Technician Sophie Smith, Press Alice Baynham, Photography Studio Cano

Supported by Arts Council Wales, Chapter Arts Centre

Prisoner on the run, misunderstood poet, child murderer, linguistic student or prophet?

Koltès’ last play appears to investigate the life of Roberto Succo, the infamous Italian serial killer. Or study his absences. Or start a religion.