We work hard for our productions to shape and question the way we live here and now and to be profoundly and structurally relevant to the nation today. We research, explore and develop ideas and staging with actors, designers, musicians and creative technicians equally and we are consistently looking for ways to give opportunities to new talent.

Our first production was Caligula by Albert Camus, an extraordinary piece rarely seen in the UK, and a work very close to Mathilde who, like Camus, is a French Spanish North African who grew up in a state of permanent foreignitude.

Our second piece, Roberto Zucco, dealt with the celebrity and sexual mystique accreting around a foreign criminal.

We then commissioned an original translation of Yuri by Fabrice Melquiot into both English and Welsh, adapted by Daf James. It is a play about a childless couple, a kidnap and a foreign presence in the living room. It is really a play about national identity. British premiere.

Our fourth production was Of Mice and Men, a blistering elegy to the plight of immigrant workers in the USA. In association with Hijinx Theatre, it featured Wil Young, a 6ft 6 actor with autism in the role of Lennie Small.

Highway One, our co-production with Wales Millennium Centre for Festival Of Voice was a journey into grief and to Delphi:  part theatre, part ceremony, part concept album, made with world renowned singer songwriter Katell Keineg, her band, her playwright father Paol and a Greek chorus of older ladies embroidering maxims. 

Les Miserables was our response to the difficult period between the referendum and the possible end of Britain in the European Union. It was a raging theatrical lament about Brexit structured around the description of the battle of Waterloo by Victor Hugo.

August 012 was founded in 2012 to stage the writing and ideas of the rest of the world to our stages, in English, Welsh and other languages. It has, and in the process has also created original and crucial rooted work on urgent matters.