How the hell do you grow up
when the world around you is falling apart?

Sut yn y byd wyt ti fod i dyfu i fyny
pan fo popeth o dy gwmpas di’n cwympo’n ddarnau?


Pwdin Evans is on a mission. There’s so much in this world he can no longer deal with; his ridiculous parents, step-parents, the weight of his teenage worries, gravity, all of it. So, he launches himself into space, in search of answers and his missing cousin Petula.

August 012, National Theatre Wales and Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru are joining forces to bring you a brand-new production of Fabrice Melquiot’s extraordinary play. Directed by Mathilde Lopez with a script by Daf James that mixes Welsh, English and a little French.

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Dyna’r cwestiwn mawr i Pwdin Evans, sydd wedi cael llond bol ar ei rieni a’i lys-rieni gwallgo, a phopeth arall sydd gan berson ifanc i boeni amdano yn y byd. Mae’n ei heglu hi ar antur epig i’r gofod i chwilio am atebion ac am ei gyfnither goll, Petula.

Mae August 012, National Theatre Wales ac Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru yn uno i ddod â chynhyrchiad newydd sbon o ddrama anhygoel Fabrice Melquiot. Wedi ei chyfarwyddo gan Mathilde Lopez, mae’r sgript amlieithog gan Daf James yn gyfuniad difyr o’r Gymraeg, Saesneg a rhywfaint o Ffrangeg.

Ceir rhagor o wybodaeth yn

Bonjour. Shwmae. Hello

August 012? August-oh-twelve. It was August. It was 2012. The London Olympics had trademarked the year, so we ditched the 2. Voila.

August 012 make ambitious contemporary international theatre in Wales and beyond the border, directed by Mathilde López. We work with professionals and non-professionals together to create bold productions for 21st Century audiences, sometimes in theatres, sometimes not. We make shows in a number of languages, but mostly in the language of theatre.

If you want to work with us or need info in French, Welsh or English please contact us