The tyrannical Emperor. The Senate. The carpet tiles. The slippers. The stabs in the back. And the TV astrologist. Inspired by Hugo Chavez, Muammar Gaddafi and senior participants from Ely, Cardiff.

“Somewhat vulgarish vignettes pop up from time to time… It’s not staged ‘end-on’ or ‘in the round’ or ‘promenade’. Its theatre in the zig-zag with the audience and players mixed in together, all a bit confusing.”
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“August 012’s debut production is great, perverse fun. One hopes there are many more to come.”
Read Caligula’s best review

Caligula by Albert Camus

April 013 Chapter, Cardiff

Translation David Greig

Director Mathilde López

Cast Christopher Elson, John Norton, Adam Redmore, Nathan Sussex, Hugh Thomas

Senators Gerri Blundell, Rob Blundell, Jeanette Carter, Shelagh Eckett, Lesley Evans, John Jenkins, Frances Rawling, Val Roberts, David Watkins, Jean Watkins and Gwyneth.

Set Designer Buddug James Jones, Lighting Designer Ceri James, Costume Designer Buddug James Jones, Composers John Norton and Lawrence Whitehead, Graphic Design and Video Matthew Wright, Production Manager Lauren Dennis, Stage Manager Glesni Price-Jones, Producers Iain Goosey and Beth House, Photography Studio Cano

Supported by Arts Council Wales, Chapter Arts Centre

The senators are used to capricious emperors but this one really has gone too far.

Gaius Caligula: Megalomaniac, obsessive, tyrannical, yet strangely handsome.
He executes citizens for entertainment.
He takes unforgivable risks with the economy.
He has just made his favourite horse a senator.
And now he wants the impossible. He wants the moon. 
Something must be done. Maybe after tea.